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Nestled within the serene embrace of Perne Temple, surrounded by sacred flora, NityaKannika Oushadhavana emerges as a sanctuary where 112 medicinal plants thrive. This garden serves as a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary times, offering solace for both mind and spirit. Each plant, carefully selected for its healing properties, carries a story steeped in tradition and natural therapy. The initiative to share these living treasures underscores their profound significance in traditional healing practices.

At Oushadhavana, each plant is tenderly cared for by an adopter who assumes responsibility for its well-being. The central mission revolves around education, transforming the garden into a vibrant classroom where devotees can immerse themselves in the rich diversity of medicinal plants. Through interactive QR code-based learning experiences, visitors can identify, understand, and explore the therapeutic value of each species. This endeavor aims to preserve these plants and the ancestral knowledge they embody, ensuring that this wisdom continues to illuminate future generations.

India, blessed with abundant biodiversity, boasts over 7,000 plant species utilized in traditional medicine, showcasing the nation's significant contribution to global biodiversity. However, the looming threat of climate change poses a grave risk to this diversity and the ecosystems that sustain it. Oushadhavana stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to protect these plants through dedicated research and conservation efforts. In doing so, it honors the sanctity of Perne Kshetra, safeguarding these natural healers and the ancient wisdom they carry for the prosperity of future generations.

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