Perne has a systematic administrative setup, with roles clearly divided and distributed. The activities of Kshetram are spearheaded by the Komara of Bhagavathi Devi. All the religious conventions are carried out by the Komara’s under his leadership. The pooja related activities are organized and undertaken by the four chosen "adiyantararu" (Naltyararu), all four have got equal eminence. The nine Karnavamars have charge of social activities, the first four enjoy prominence. These people function with assistance from Chettiyanmar, Raddek Acchanmar, and Pattikarmar who collect house rent (“Mane Vantige”).

In addition to these people, Perne Vaniya Ganiga Samaja Seva Sangha and other subsidiaries of it contribute highly to the development of Perne and the community. All these efforts for years now have and are contributing towards the smooth running of the Kshetram, making it a divine and auspicious place.